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China National Convention Center
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CNCC completed the re-certification of ISO 20121 Event Sustainability Management Systems 2021/12/08
CNCC team performed on the stage of the Fourth China International Import Expo 2021/12/02
Let us interpret our Chinese style during the Second UN Global Sustainable Transport Conference! 2021/11/18
CNCC and RUEF signed MOU to jointly open a new chapter of events industry cooperation 2021/10/21
CNCC won “The 2021 CIFTIS Award of Service Demonstration Case on Development Potential” 2021/09/22
CNCC offers “World-class Service” for CIFTIS 2021/09/22
China Internet Conference was held at CNCC successfully 2021/08/23
Cooperation for 11 years, Beijing InfoComm China grandly opened at CNCC 2021/08/23
2021 Children and Women Industry Expo was held at CNCC 2021/08/23
CNCC received visit by teachers and students of Beijing Union University 2021/08/16
2021 Global Digital Economy Conference was successfully held at CNCC 2021/08/16
CNCC successfully hosted 2021 Alibaba Cloud Summit and Alibaba Cloud for Developer Conference 2021/07/28
CNCC and KINTEX signed international cooperation agreement 2021/07/06
CNCC completes the review of ISO 20121 Event Sustainability Management Systems 2021/05/08
The English Salon themed on“Dialogue among young people from BJ and HKSAR”successfully held in CNCC 2021/05/08
CNCC Successfully Supported the CIFTIS 2020 2020/09/18
Persevere from the Heart for Ten years as if it Were the First Day 2019/11/26
7 years' perspiration, IBD team's aspiration 2019/11/26
China National Convention Center Endeavors to Secure 3 Major “Host Diplomacy” Events in 21 Days 2019/05/30
China National Convention Center makes Its Mark at Home and Abroad 2016/04/22
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