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Let us interpret our Chinese style during the Second UN Global Sustainable Transport Conference!
   Following the 2021 China International Fair for Trade in Services, 43 days later, on the evening of 14th October, President Xi Jinping addressed the Opening Ceremony of the major event held at the China National Convention Center (CNCC) via video link. This time it is the Second United Nations Global Sustainable Transport Conference (hereinafter referred to as the Conference) . President Xi Jinping delivered the keynote speech entitled "Staying Connected with the World and Abreast with the Times and Making Big Strides on the Path of Sustainable Development ", and issued initiative that " It is imperative that we follow the prevailing trend of world development, advance global transport cooperation, and write a new chapter featuring connectivity of infrastructure, unfettered flows of trade and investment, and interactions between civilizations”.
  The Conference is hosted by the United Nations and co-organized by the Ministry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, and the Beijing Municipal People’s Government. The conference is the second global conference hosted by the United Nations to be held in Beijing after 26 years while the Fourth World Conference on Women was held in 1995, and is also one of the few international conferences with foreign guests attending on-site since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, with about 2,000 attendees. CNCC provided services for conference, exhibition, livestreaming of the opening ceremony, plenary meetings, themed meetings, ministerial forums, science and technology innovation forums, entrepreneur forums, and closing ceremonies. CNCC Grand Hotel provided accommodation and catering services for delegates.
   Awesome Chinese Service
   CNCC followed up with the Conference for two years and eight months. Affected by the epidemic, the schedule and needs were adjusted many times. With its professional and rich experience in serving high-end international conferences, CNCC has provided a customized service solution for the Conference, which has been highly praised at all levels by the United Nations and the Ministry of Transport of PRC.
  One of the highlights of catering service is that “Good food and safety have always existed alongside each other” .CNCC adheres to the whole link of green service that "procurement-processing-producing-dining." the national standard, and ATP quick inspection at the catering site to effectively ensure the safety on food.
  CNCC provided a variety of choices including buffets, coffee breaks, and box lunches, and creatively decorated the dining tables with more than 30 groups of candy art, dough and chocolate sculpture. The creative cuisine combining Chinese and Western food brings unforgettable experience to the guests.
    Extraordinary Safe Venue
   CNCC takes epidemic prevention and control as the top priority. All people and items entering the venue must be checked according to the pandemic prevention measures. The vaccination rate of the staff who participated in the entire process reached 100%. These staff also took nucleic acid test every 48 hours during this period. The epidemic prevention measures are orderly, accurate and effective, including high-frequency environmental nucleic acid testing, comprehensive inspection of equipment and facilities, and routine cleaning and disinfection every two hours.
Remarkable Green Venue
   CNCC adheres to the green and sustainable concept throughout the entire process. CNCC also pays more attention on energy-saving and carbon reduction and barrier-free facilities, etc. CNCC deeply implements the concept of "green conferences", from the layout of the venue to the conference supplies and table decoration, etc. The decoration named "Environmental Earth" in plenary hall closely follows the theme of the conference, advocates green transportation, and telegraphs an environmentally friendly planet with sustainable, green and healthy development. The idea "Simple but not crude, complex but not complicated" demonstrates the enterprise's advocacy and practice of the planet-friendly mindset.
Many world-renowned international conferences have successively settled at CNCC since its opening, such as the Confucius Institute Conference, IAU 28th General Assembly, the 22nd Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leaders' Meeting Week in 2014, the 50th IAAF Congress, the 6th Beijing Xiangshan Forum, the 39th ISO (International Organization for Standardization (General Assembly), the 12th International Congress of Ecology (INTECOL 2017 Beijing). What attracts these international conferences is the global vision of sustainable development of CNCC. At the last day of the Conference, Minister of Transportation Mr. Li Xiaopeng, highly affirmed the services provided by CNCC. Supporting the Conference with the highest standards, contributing to the rapid development of the Capital's events industry with the highest responsibility, and serving the construction of Beijing's international exchange platform, CNCC once again highlights the "Chinese Service"!
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