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CNCC team performed on the stage of the Fourth China International Import Expo
From 5th to 10th November, as a worldwide high-profile exhibition, the Fourth China International Import Expo (CIIE) had just successfully concluded. On 4th November, H.E. Xi Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China, attended the opening ceremony of the 4th CIIE by video and delivered a keynote speech. The event has made important contributions to facilitating the development of international trade during the epidemic. With the closing of CIIE, CNCC team successfully completed various service support tasks, and once again demonstrated the style of "China service" and "Beijing standard". CNCC and CIIE worked together again and forged ahead together.
An “Old Friend” of CIIE
As an “old friend” of CIIE, CNCC was once again invited to provide service support for the event including the opening ceremony, forums, and signing ceremonies, etc. CNCC provided high standard service support in full compliance with epidemic prevention and control measures. The team provided service for seven meeting rooms, 17 meetings and 3,000 person times, of which the maximum area of a single meeting was 3,600 square meters and the peak number of participants was more than 1,000. With the goal of “striving for the best and guaranteeing complete success", the team strengthened overall planning and coordination, paid attention to every detail, so that once again "China Service" shined at the CIIE.
A Caring "China Service"
The service team started to conduct preparation, clarify tasks, refine items, and sort out the difficulties and priorities of tasks as soon as they arrived in Shanghai. A total of five relevant work plans were formulated during this period, and the service team was quickly assembled according to the requirements of “specific people, points, and areas". In addition to completing the tasks of site layout, material placement, seat adjustment, equipment inspection and so on, the team still kept doing the daily training and scenario drills to ensure that they can always provide guests high-quality and caring "China service".
An Experienced "Young" Team
The team was "younger" overall. It was the "youngest" service team for the service support task of CIIE with the average age of 24. Although they are young, they completed the service tasks with "high standards" in every aspect and demonstrated the service standard of CNCC. With the attitude of "can do and do perfectly", they always serve on the front line and show their youth splendor in every service support task for state events.
A "Golden Business Card" to Represent Capital Events Industry
  As a convention center belongs to Beijing Capital Group Exhibitions & Events Co., Ltd., CNCC has always adhered to the principle of "always be ready for, and can complete in any possible tasks" when undertaking the service support tasks for state events. Beijing Capital Group Exhibitions & Events aims at the strategy of the events industry chain and its ecological system, strives to create the "Golden Business Card" to represent Capital events industry, and upholds the concept of “openness, inclusiveness, solidarity, and win-win cooperation”. The group will enhance the connectivity of domestic and international events industry more efficiently, inject new impetus for the events industry, and continue to strengthen the events service brand of “China Service”.
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