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China National Convention Center
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Welcome to China National Convention Center (CNCC).

CNCC boasts the prime location. Sitting in the heart of Beijing Olympic Green, CNCC is right next to the Bird Nest (China National Stadium) and the Water Cube (National Aquatics Center). It's just 30 minute driving to the airport and the subway linking the city center and the airport has one stop at CNCC so you will find it extremely easy to go to Tian An Men Square, Chang'an Avenue, railway stations or Summer Palace.

As China's largest and newest international conference venue, CNCC is equipped with nearly 100 meeting rooms of various sizes and a 22,000sqm exhibition hall.

China National Convention Center Grand Hotel (CNCC Grand Hotel), adjacent to the convention center, is a brand-new deluxe international standard hotel with carefully designed 420 rooms. In addition to lots of choices for food at our Centre, there is a shopping mall in the basement.

Come to China National Convention Centre and explore more.

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